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Maize (Yellow Corn)

Top-grade Yellow Corn: Versatile grain for cooking and livestock feed. Rich in nutrients, non-GMO, and carefully sourced. Ideal for cornbread, tortillas, and animal nutrition. Trusted quality in every kernel. Available in various packaging sizes.


General specifications applicable worldwide
Specifications as per communication 2000/C312/01
Moisture 13% max.
Acidity 0.9% max.
Fat Minimum 2 to maximum 2.5%
Proteins 8% min. (N x 6.25 of dry matter)
Crude fibres 0.8% max.
Granularity 95% min. through 0.85mm sieve
Presence of Datura seeds and other toxic seeds or traces of tropane alkaloids Nil
Aflatoxin total 4 micrograms/kg max.
Zearalenone 300 micrograms/kg max.
Fumonisin B1,B2 2000 micrograms/kg max.
Deoxynivalenol (Vomitoxin) 1250 microgram/kg max.


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